Bardahl 80 good years

At Bardahl 3 things define us, Our Customers, Our distributors and Our Community.

For 80 years, Bardahl has been a global manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket car care additives and lubricants. Since 1939 Bardahl’s unwavering dedication to serving your aftermarket car care additives and lubricant needs have never been compromised.

Wherever you may be, Bardahl is just a click away and more than just our products, we are defined by Our People. We understand the vital importance of Our Customers play, and we aim to meet their needs at every steps of the way. We also recognise the fundamental roles Our distributors play in promoting and delivering our products to Our Customers’ doorstep. Lastly, we know that without Our Community, we would be unable to achieve the success that we and Our Customers have enjoyed.

At Bardahl, we know that success is a concerted effort, with happy customers who appreciate the countless hours we put into our quality products, a camaraderie with Our distributors who work with us hand in hand with unyielding dedication, and Our Community with whom we foster mutual rapport with.

In this memorable and joyous occasion, we invite you to join us to celebrate the 80 years of excellence!

At Bardahl, we dare you to envision A WORLD WITHOUT FRICTION.