Fullerene & polar attraction

C60 & Fullerene

Fullerene is the third known form of stable carbon, besides diamond and graphite. BARDAHL is the first company in the world to apply the fullerene chemistry to the sector of lubricants, thus exploiting the fact that the fullerene spheres work like real micro-ball bearings, non-deformable and extremely stable: they interpose between contacting surfaces and reduce friction in their movement.

Triple Protection For The Engine

  1. First protection level attained by the BARDAHL lubricating film.
  2. Second protection level by the Polar formula.
  3. Third protection level achieved through the fullerene molecules.

Bardahl scientists successfully eliminated the problem of unprotected metal surface by carefully formulating a special additive known as Polar Attraction. It fastens to metal and stays in place because the basic molecule used is a large one with a polar end group. Polar Attraction chemistry remains a protective plated film over metal surfaces during high temperature and pressure.