No - Oil run Test

Bardahl is often tested in everyday use. The most challenging and hardest on engines is the demanding No-Oil Run. This test consists of adding Bardahl to an engine, letting it run for only a few minutes, draining the oil out of the engine completely and then driving more than 200 miles (350 km).
At the end of the test, the engine is completely disassembled and inspected for wear and tear. Bardahl’s proven technology protects engines even under these extreme conditions.
Completed in several countries including America, Malaysia, Argentina and most recently Italy in a large 18-wheel truck, this test proves Bardahl’s long lasting protection of the most critical metal components found in an engine.
In 1999, Bardahl decided to challenge the previous No-Oil Run record it had held for years. Bardahl partnered the Malaysian distributor, Cycle & Carriage and organized the longest NO-OIL Run in Bardahl history.
Same method was used as in the previous runs, and in 1999, a new record was made in Malaysia – A total of 1,330 km journey was completed by two cars running without engine oils – only treated with Bardahl B1 Oil Treatment – and without overheating or engine burnt.