Bardahl History

In 1936, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation (BMC) started as a small chemical company in Ballard, NW Seattle.

In 1939, sales amounted to a mere $188 and WWII kept growth to a minimum due to wartime shortages. After 1939, racing enthusiasts in America found that adding Bardahl to their automobiles gave them an advantage over their competition& thus Bardahl products started being used in all forms & levels of racing in the world including Formula 1, The IndyCar circuit & World Rally championships etc.

In 1949 ,Bardahl products started being used in all racing car events in the world due to the fantastic results achieved by enthusiast racers.

By 1952 Bardahl has since been NO.1 International seller of additives & special engine products, a position enjoyed in most of countries till today.

In 2014, Founder Ole Bardahl was inducted in the famous Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

In 2016, ELVI formed its association with Bardahl to be its sole associates for South Asia market.

In 2018, today, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation has evolved from a small, one-product company to a large worldwide organisation which sells over four hundred different products, packaged in more than 16 languages and marketed in over 80 countries around the world.